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Hi, my name is Fadumo and this is Elays’s Journal

Elays's Journal

Hi, my name is Fadumo and this is Elays’s Journal

Fadumo Muhumed Hussein is my modest fashion brand’s website. My name is Fadumo, Hi! I am 32, live in Arnhem in the Netherlands and I am very new to this thing called sharing. I am also new to being a business owner. This means that I am on a constant rollercoaster. Everything is scary and exhilarating at the same time. This means that some days I want to tell you about my visions for Elays, the confusions that come along with taking decisions or that I what I have learned in the previous week. I will like to take you with me on my journey, my experiences and share with you things that I like or don’t like, or things that keep me endlessly busy.

Here on the journal, you will read a lot about me. But in short: Fadumo, 32,live in The Netherlands, studied Psychology worked various jobs in retail and administration in London and in the Netherlands, worked in HR in Somaliland (East-Africa). I like Style, fashion, accessories, art, interior and traveling. I keep myself busy with new projects, ideas and learning new things. I rather save a bit longer to have something beautiful than get five different things that are easy to get.

Let’s keep it real

I am going to keep everything real. I will be very honest. This journal will not be all about how fantastic this journey is or that my personal growth is easy ( I am naturally shy and have a tendency to take everything serious). I don’t want you to think, oh wow her life/journey is perfect and easy or this is perfect, because that will not be the truth. I will talk about real situations and experiences and would love to surround and gather likeminded people. No fiction, but real women, real people and real experiences. That will be sometimes wonderful experiences or topics, but also not so easy experiences or not so easy topics. Because learning will never be easy, and through hardship we grow!

What can you expect?

On the journal there will be no planning. I will not be updating for updating sake. I will update if I want to share it with you. I don’t want to start everyday by forcing myself to write. I want to write about things that keep me busy, that I am enthusiastic about or share with you about what I have learned. I want to show you material that I find interesting. Things that I tell me family and friends. So come and visit me. Come see what is online. This no planning attitude is for me to go out there to learn, experience and to do. So by not expecting much, you give me the chance to grow creatively and you will have the chance to find some pretty things.

What you can expect, is that on Fridays a personal update of my previous week will be posted. Here I will share with you what I have learned, what I am interested in or what I like to investigate. This means that I would LOVE to hear from you. Tell me what you think, or maybe what you want to now by commenting or getting in contact at

I would also appreciate if you want to contribute or if you want to guest write. So please get in contact at 

You can also follow me @elayscollections