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Happy Friday

Elays's Journal

Happy Friday

Fadumo Muhumed Hussein


Jumma Mubarek everyone. So one week left and then the Ramadan is upon us. Do you prep? What have you done to prep? 


Ramadan preparations

People around me are full force prepping. The forwarding of dua’s, schedules and systems of daily quran readings are in full force now. Memes on avoiding fried foods upon breaking fast. Advice posts on how to maintain an exercise routine while fasting. Articles about how to adjust sleep schedule to maximize night-time worship, while still doing the daily grind of work. Articles about other ways women can worship and connect while they are on their periods and not fast. Even how to find the best schedule that is meant for spiritual growth. Not to forget the articles, posts and messages on food preps.

Also from a business perspective there is prep. There is so much information on how to market or reach Muslims in Ramadan. This part is new for me to incorporate in my prep. How to incorporate all this information in my schedule. How do I reach you and when can I reach you?

Preparing for Ramadan (1).png

I am excited

I do prep for Ramadan and every year it is different than the previous year. Obviously most things stay the same. Such as the fun things, that set the atmosphere. Also the schedule will stay mostly the same, as I found out what works for me. Although slight changes will happen throughout Ramadan. The reason that I consciously plan ahead every year is that my goal for every Ramadan is different from the year before. This is what I like about Ramadan. This feeling of enhancing myself. I reflect about the last year. What do I need to train? are there things that I need to learn or change?

Leave Ramadan better than the way you entered it
— anonymous

My Goal for this Ramadan

This year my theme is to live more consciously as a Muslim. So I plan to research and question and learn myself to incorporate all this in my lifestyle. More consciously in sustainability, environment, food, lifestyle and also in business.

This is not totally new to me. I mean, I eat halal food. Wear halal nail polish and even recycle and don’t buy many things. However I don’t think I know everything and I know that I don’t do enough. I don’t know what the Islamic guidelines are that I also need to incorporate to make this work for me. I want to find out and this is a golden chance. Are there readings that you can recommend for me?

What are your goal/goals for this Ramadan?